GAJA by Sashi - introduces the Australian Masterchef Champion 2018 to Australia and the world.

GAJA in sanskrit गज- means ‘elephant’, which symbolises in Hindu culture strength, wisdom, royalty and solidarity. Befitting, given that Sashi’s food will be authentically true to taste, bold and robust and pack full to the brim with flavour. Spanning Indian, Singaporean and Malaysian classics, Sashi’s menu will explore the road less travelled, with dishes that will appeal to the curious foodie voice in us all. In the future a shelf ready range of condiments, sauces and ingredients will be introduce under GAJA.

‘FLAVOUR IS MY HOMETOWN’ tells of his personal story of South Indian upbringing, his hometown, Singapore and South East Asian influences to his food and philosophy.




Tuckshop is back! Now in collaboration with Scoopy, adding deliciously refreshing Korean bingsu to the list of offerings. Serving up classic Malaysian favourites like Penang Har Mee, Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rendang, you won’t be disappointed by these flavours.




Originating from Perth, The Modern Eatery has already opened three restaurants. Following the success of their newest branch in Richmond, they’ve decided to open their kitchen at HWKR next.

At The Modern Eatery, our aim is to join people together through food and culture, which is why we have an emphasis on dishes for sharing and the opportunity to try a variety of different options. We specialise in Aburi, where the fish is lightly seared directly from the flame. Our chefs craft our sushi from fresh and high quality sashimi and pair it with unique sauces, to create the perfect flavour and texture.




Son in law takes its name from a famous Thai street food favourite, a dish with a humorous back-story. It’s said that if a mother-in-law feels her son-in-law is being less than kind to her daughter, she’ll cook and serve these deep fried eggs as a clear message: be nice because your family jewels are on the line! Perhaps tongue-in-cheek, nonetheless it’s a warning in the form of a delicious but fiery dish. Not one to play it safe, here at Son in Law we bravely balance the two opposing forces of staying true to our authentic and very real Thai roots, while at the same time looking forward, modernising and pushing the boundaries of Thai food in our new journey at HWKR.