My Kitchen Rules 2018 Finalist Ms Kim has landed at HWKR!

Since young, Kim has always had a love and passion for food. Her passion has now translated into opening a restaurant in the South Western suburbs.

Off the back of her successful Williamstown restaurant, Ms Kim has ventured to Melbourne CBD to showcase her delectable Vietnamese dishes!




Scoopy Milk Bar is Melbourne’s first bingsu specialty dessert bar. Their aim is to serve deliciously refreshing bingsu with a Melbourne twist and to create new experiences with both innovative flavours and playful textures.

The snow-like texture of Scoopy’s bingsu will create a dessert experience like never before. The Scoopy team intends to continue to advance and amaze the Melbourne food scene through the fusion of Asian and western desserts. Their mountain shaped desserts are not to be missed this summer as they promise to taste as good as they look.




Originating from Perth, The Modern Eatery has already opened three restaurants. Following the success of their newest branch in Richmond, they’ve decided to open their kitchen at HWKR next.

At The Modern Eatery, the aim is to join people together through food and culture, which is why they have an emphasis on share plates and the opportunity to try a variety of different options. A specialty is Aburi, where the fish is lightly seared directly from the flame. Our chefs craft our sushi from fresh and high quality sashimi and pair it with unique sauces, to create the perfect flavour and texture.




Kung Fu Burger’s vision is to offer customers a great burger dining experience. Being burger lovers, they’ve infused Asian cooking techniques into a western cuisine to bring you Asian Burgers!

From the Thai Boxer to Minister Chicken to The Classic, their chefs combine flavours from Asian countries to bring you a different taste of Asia in every burger. Following their success in South Yarra, they hope to bring their vision and our passion to every customer at HWKR!




Junior Tan Hawker Kitchen is the result of an immigrant family with the desire to bring traditional, authentic Malaysian cuisine to Melbourne. In 2015, Junior's was established in Bayswater.

The restaurant's name pays homage to the parents and grandparents of the Tan family who has owned coffee shops / hawker stalls in Malaysia.

Junior Tan has a new home at HWKR, bringing its traditional roots to Melbourne CBD.



HS Cakes specialises in various flavours of Sponge Cake. Coming from a secret family recipe from Chef Hong Sy, HS Cakes is now run by his 5 children in stores across Melbourne (Springvale, Footscray and the CBD). The signature creation, the Durian Sponge comes from a love of Durian, with other Durian creations like Gelato, Mochi and Cronuts available.


Find other refreshing options, such as the Pandan Kaya Sponge Cake, or the Lychee Gelato at HWKR!